Pupil Progress and Achievement

Pupil Progress

Assessment and Progress

Mayfield Holistic Assessment and Intervention Approach to Life Beyond Levels

At Mayfield School we are proud of all of our children and the outstanding progress they make across all aspects of their learning and development.

From 2015, the Department for Education gave schools the freedom to develop their own approach to assessing pupils’ progress. As a specialist school, we pride ourselves in providing a broad balanced education that caters for the needs of all of our pupils in a holistic manner. 

The curriculum is at the heart of our provision and each pupils’ access points are individual. Careful assessment indicates what each student’s individual curriculum provision will look like.

It is that individual curriculum that we assess and track for each child ensuring progress towards individual objectives. As we believe in an holistic approach our assessments need to reflect this. We have developed a menu of assessment tools to ensure we capture progress in all targeted areas of our curriculum.

In addition to the  End of Stage Statutory assessments required of all schools  we also personalise progress each year for every pupil in relation to their areas of learning from their EHCP. 

Over the last 3 years alongside the assessment of academic progress we have introduced and  developed a number of assessments linked to the array of interventions used in school. These are intended to measure all aspects of pupils learning and progress including personal, social , emotional and physical development.

Traditionally these more bespoke methods reflect the aspects of progress which are harder to quantify but are valued most highly by staff and parents. In simple terms we consider this as a means to Measure What Matters.

This approach is part of our individual curriculum provision using the philosophy that One size fits One.

This approach determines which aspects of progress we assess for each student. This is, as always, relative to their age, prior attainment and cognitive range.

In simple terms our curriculum drives the assessment tools and methods we use. Progress is then measured in the most appropriate and meaningful format for children and their families.

The approach is used across the whole school and used to support short, medium and long term planning. In addition it enables us to work with families to set appropriate outcomes in relation to students Education Health and Care plans across each key stage of their learning journey.

The benefit of the approach is that it can respond to individual need, adapt to new ideas and expand over time in response to the changing needs of our pupils.


Leavers Destinations Summer 2021

4 students left Mayfield College:

All 4 of the students came to Mayfield at 16years old and attended college for 3 years.

2 students secured places on the Foundation Learning Course  at Cardinal Newman, both students will be travelling independently on the public bus as a result of independent travel training.

1 student is attending Myerscough College on the Level 1 Animal Care course.

1 student is attending Midstream at Skelmersdale on the Pathways to Adulthood course which will hopefully result in a City & Guilds qualification. 


Leavers Destinations Summer 2020

8 Students left Mayfield College to the following locations:

4 Students continued in education at Specialist FE colleges- Cardinal Newman

3 Students moved onto indepdendent supported living within their local community 

1 Student attended a day care provision.


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