Pupil Premium Allocation and Impact Report 2017/18


Pupil Premium 2018-19 Information 

School receives a monthly amount into the budget based on numbers of eligible pupils. CLA pupils now receive their funding on a termly basis and school has to itemise funding allocations and evaluate impact for these pupils

Due to the distribution of students in receipt of the grant we allocate the main amount of funding to specific pupils or where appropraite enhance resources/ provision for a specifc class or small group.

Addressing the needs of Pupils in School 

All pupils in receipt of the pupil premium have specified interventions in place to support their priority outcomes. School is able to evidence impact in terms of case studies, parental feedback and data relating to progress.

Consistently over the last three years pupils in receipt of the premium have performed academically on par with and in some cases better than their peers and in the overwhelming majority of cases have made outstanding personal gains.

All teachers are made aware of the pupils in receipt of pupil premium and track their progress in detail – they also monitor the impact of interventions to ensure needs are met appropriately

Examples of additional support / interventions currently used for individual pupils across 2016-17

  • Use of Boxall Profiling/ targets
  • Focused PSD : self - regulation 
  • Language intervention and assessment
  • Talk tools and food refusal
  • Sensory Profiles and in class support
  • EDY
  • MOVE
  • Eye Gaze
  • Fitness programmes
  • VI Support
  • Cultural enrichment activities - themed weeks 
  • Extended service provision  -  after school clubs 

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