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Mayfield Governors Action Plan

Mayfield Governors Action Plan 2021-22


Effective school governance- Chair of Governors – Keith Kirby : Training Link Governor Helen Smith

Outcome  2021-22




Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring and tracking progress ( RAG rating)

To articulate the INTENT IMPLEMENTATION AND IMPACT of the new Curriculum

Monitoring visits take place

Curriculum pack produced for all governors

Governors to attend training events

Curriculum governor to meet with staff and school advisor


As per monitoring schedule




Reports to Full GB show clear understanding

Questions show high level of insight and challenge

Governors can articulate with confidence the three I’s


Feedback at full GB and SEC


To appoint and induct a new Chair of Governors and recruit additional members based on skills audit

Training programme in place for new Chair

Support from school advisor to recruit new governors with business esp HR background

Induction for new governors

From Autumn


New chair in place

New governors in place with appropriate skill set to offer challenge and support

Improved outcomes from follow up audit

A governor training programme is in place to meet the DfE competency framework*



Agree and approve updated school improvement plan and strategic vision

Agree and implement specific governor responsibilities related to SIP

Governors skills/competency audit completed Autumn  21 – training plan in place across year

Agree priority areas of training and ensure statutory requirements are met e.g. safeguarding

Identify GB to pair up with to observe other setting

Clarify Roles and Expectations linked to role and monitoring

Work with School Advisor to offer challenge and support role

Complete external audit of governance

As per monitoring schedule




Governor training programme agreed and implemented

Governors are equipped to make informed, strategic decisions

Internal and external measures evidence highly effective governance and leadership

High quality questioning in  evidence

 School systems:

●  School improvement plan (SIP) and other action planning ,- termly RAG

●  Relevant agendas and minutes of meetings including governing

Governor engagement with parents, staff and pupils is increased

Agree an annual governor visits programme that meets strategic needs but also includes interaction with parents, staff and pupils

Develop standard ‘contact’ system moving forwards  - monitoring and evaluation schedule followed by individual governors

Section on website more pupils and parent friendly

As per monitoring schedule



Parents, staff and pupils know who the school governors are and what they do to support our school

Governors have a high profile and are equipped to make informed, strategic decisions

Internal and external measures evidence highly effective governance and leadership

Staff and parent survey

Training Focus :

Revisit skills audit for Autumn 2021 and develop training plan linked to role- agree priorities – report back at each meeting  Agreed Training on effective governance’



*‘A Competency Framework for Governance The knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for effective governance in maintained schools, academies and multi-academy trusts’ Dfe.

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