Mayfield Curriculum

Mayfield Curriculum


At Mayfield we recognise that our pupils need a curriculum which is specifically designed for them. Not a watered down National Curriculum but a curriculum that prepares them with the skills and knowledge they will need as individuals to maximise their life potential at each stage of their journey and ultimately in preparation for adulthood.

Our pupils need :

  • To be able to expressively communicate and understand others.
  • To maximise independence through deep learning and mastery.
  • To understand rules and the need to follow them, keeping them safe.
  • To be able to make choices/decisions.
  • To develop resilience.
  • To have social skills and apply them in the community.
  • To be able to learn to self- regulate to cope with challenge in an appropriate way.
  • To know their sense of worth and have self- confidence.
  • To use their bodies to complete fine and gross motor tasks and activities.
  • To understand the world around them.



Our Curriculum is topic based with an emphasis on functional life skills and Independence. In Primary, pupils will develop their knowledge and skills around subjects that are woven through the topics; Literacy, Numeracy, Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts. As pupils head in to Secondary, this knowledge will be built upon and used to develop functional skills and work towards ASDAN qualifications and independence. Our College Department then have their own curriculum and assessment system that ensure all pupils leave as the very best and most independent version of themselves. This includes qualifications, travel training, and careers focussed activities.

The topics that currently run throughout the Primary and Senior Departments are as follows:

Incredible Me

 inc me.jpg

People Who Help Us

people who help us.jpg

Under the Sea

under the sea.jpg

Food Glorious Food!

food glorious food.jpg

Secret Garden

secret garden.jpg

Adventures Through Timeadventures through time.jpg

Let’s Celebrate

lets celebrate.jpg



Lets Explore!

lets explore.jpg

Wonderful World




The Apprentice, You’re Hired!



Students fall into three learning and assessment pathways:



Curriculum Delivery

Assessment tools

Long term goals

To be able to…..

Multi Sensory Pathway


(Acquisition of skills)


Individualised programmes.


Topic based learning and exploring

Routes for Learning


Engagement Scale




Cherry Levels


Take control

Communicate with others

Make choices

Proactively explore the world around them

Make sense of the environment and world around them.

Develop resilience and determination

Problem solve

Functional Skills





Topic based learning.


Cognition based on teaching skills for everyday life / ensuring consistency of skills and ability to generalise.


Play based learning

Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific Enquiry skills taught through stand alone or topic based sessions. 



Pre Key Stage Standards


Cherry Levels


EYFS/ Development Matters




Make choices

Learn new skills

Consistently apply new skills to real life

Communicate with a wide range of people

Develop independence

Take control

Develop resilience and determination

Problem solve

Functional Skills, Knowledge and  Pathway




Topic Based

 Cross curricular to ensure links are made by pupils

 Pupils taught formal Literacy and Numeracy with problem solving which develops functional and independence skills.

 National Curriculum Programmes are used to teach knowledge and skills.

·        Reading schemes

·        Writing

·        Colourful Semantics


Pre Key Stage Standards


Cherry Levels




Challenge how independent they can be

Communicate independently with a wide range of people

Take responsibility for own learning

Master skills and apply constantly

Merge skills with knowledge and apply

Develop resilience and determination

Problem solve







Our Topics include a range of themes that run on a 2 year rolling programme within each Key Stage. Within these topics, Teachers are free to choose the content, as long as it is outcome led and assessed using an appropriate assessment method. Within Primary, the curriculum is outcome led and is ideal to build basic skills and knowledge across the board including Literacy and Numeracy with experiential learning—Think fun and think big!


The Topics continue into Seniors but this is the chance to build on those foundations of Literacy and Numeracy and provide the pupils with the skills to be as independent as possible. Emphasis will be on functional life skills, money, time, reading (think menus and bus stops), shopping skills, café visits and broadening their experience of the local community and the wider world!


TAPESTRYAll staff have a tablet with access to Tapestry to assess pupils. All pupils are assessed on Cherry Levels in all relevant areas. If pupils move beyond Cherry Levels they need to be assessed on PKS for Ks1 or Ks2.

IEP’sAll pupil IEP’s are updated and rag rated 3 times a year.

ASDANSeniors also move on to this functional curriculum assessment pathway on top of Tapestry.

BUG CLUBReading scheme which all pupils have access to no matter which pathway. Higher level readers can also be assessed on Bug Club. Lower level readers use Cherry Levels.

Communication MatrixIf more detail or support is required for a pupil’s communication, a matrix can be completed.  

BoxallTool for identifying and addressing PSEMH issues.

Engagement Scales— Engagement Profiles are statutory requirements for our Pre-Formal Learners.


 Teaching Tools and Interventions

Talk Tools—Oral motor control and speech sounds programme

Thrive—Intervention for social emotional and mental health support

See and Learn—Early reading skills, matching word to picture, preposition etc

Downs Ed—Teaching the first 150+ words, speech, sign and reading programme

Numicon—Teaching technique for maths

Fine Motor Programme— fine motor programme for pupils struggling with grasps and  early writing skills

MOVE—Physical intervention and support for physical needs.

Attention Autism—Teaching method used for engagement and skill building

Phonics—Letters and Sounds Phases. Resources are available for all phases.

Shine Therapy /Sensory Diets—Evaluation for sensory integration needs and programmes of support

Pathways to Independence—Checklist for developing self- help and independence skills.



Teaching expectations(1).JPG






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