Governing Body Committee

Name of Governor or Associate Member Category Appointing Body Appointment Date  End Date Position of Responsibilty Committees Relevant Business Interests Governance Roles in Other Educational Institutions Personal Relationships, if any, with other governors and staff eg spouse, partner and close relative

Mr Keith  Kirby

Chair of Governors

Co Opted Governor Governing Body 22/03/2018 21/03/2022 Child protection/ Safeguarding   Forest schools/ growing areas SEC
None N/a N/a
Mr Graham Robinson    Vice Chair of Governors Co Opted Governor Governing Body 02/07/2020 01/07/2024
Online safety
Pupil premium link Prevent
Resources/ Pay Committee
None N/a N/a
Mr Stephen Benson Co Opted Governor Governing Body 10/07/2015 09/07/2023 TBC
Resources/ Pay Committee
None N/a N/a
Mr Martin Casewell Parent Governor Governing Body 05/07/2018 04/07/2022 Health and Safety Resources/SEC committee None N/a N/a
Mrs Claire Crabtree School Business Manager School Business Manager N/a N/a N/a School Business Manager N/a Sharp UK - Reprographics and computing and software systems (Brother in Law  - Sales Manager for Education) N/a N/a
Mr Stephen Fenn Co Opted Governor Governing Body 02/07/2020 01/07/2024
Portal Governor
Assessment link
Complaints Appeals/Grievance/
Pay Committee, SEC, Resources.
None N/a N/a
Mrs Carole Hodgson Assistant Headteacher Assistant Headteacher N/a N/a N/a Assistant Headteacher N/a None N/a N/a
Mr Paul Holliday Parent Governor Governing Body 07/12/2017 06/12/2021 Pupil Voice/ school website Resources None N/a N/a
Mr Alan Hughes LA Governor LA, approved by the governing body 10/12/2020 09/12/2024 TBC SEC None N/a N/a
Mrs Julie Hurst Non-teaching Staff Representative Governing Body 01/09/2015 31/08/2023 Transition Coordinator SEC committee None Governor at Chorley St James C of E Primary School N/a
Mrs Julia Johnson Co-Opted Governor Governing Body 26/01/2015 25/01/2023 Staff and pupil Wellbeing SEC None N/a N/a
Mrs Rachel Kay  Headteacher Headteacher Governing Body 01/05/2013 30/04/2020 Headteacher SEC/Resources None N/a N/a
Mrs Jo Maher Co-Opted Governor Governing Body 10/12/2020 09/12/2024 TBC SEC TBC TBC TBC
Mrs Helen Smith Assistant Headteacher Co-Opted Governor Governing Body 28/03/2019 27/03/2023 Curriculum/Link SEC/Resources None N/a N/a

Mayfield School and College, Gloucester Road, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 3HN