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About Us

Our Mission Statement:

       A safe, happy and regulated learning community, where together we empower pupils to develop key skills for life.

Because we believe so strongly in our pupils having their own voice we have put our ethos and values into a poem written to you from our students.

A Poem From Our Children 

‘Talk to me and listen to me,

Smile at me and laugh with me.

Believe in me and don’t give up on me,

Find out about me and understand me.

Know what matters to me and make things fun for me,

Don’t just give me the answers and let me get things wrong.

Let me get stuck and learn the answers with me,

Teach me to bounce back when things get tough.

Show me then leave it to me,

Show you care for me and want the best for me.

Reach for the sky for me’

‘We may not remember all of what you teach us but we will always remember how you made us feel’


In real terms, this means  our Values and Ethos are :

Every pupil at Mayfield has the right to the following :

 Value Me as an Individual :-

  • Use my name to talk to me
  • Let me have time to take part, do things, so I can understand and be understood.
  • Let me be treated fairly to give me the best chance to succeed
  • Let me use My Voice to communicate with you
  • Let me have time to play and develop hobbies and talents
  • Let me know about what is happening with me – ‘no decision about me without me’
  • Work with my family to help me – ask them what they want for me

Treat Me With Dignity and Respect:-

  • Talk to me not about me
  • Respect my privacy
  • Keep me safe but don’t do it all for me
  • Support me to do all I can myself
  • Consult me and ask what I want
  • Be realistic with me but challenge me
  • Give me what I need but not always what I want 

Keep Me Safe But Let Me Try Things:- 

  • Work with the people who look after me 
  • Protect  me from  harm
  • Help me understand how to tell people if I feel scared or unsafe
  • Teach me to know how to ask for help
  • Help me to make safe choices

Help Me Grow Strong Healthy and Resilient:-

  • Help me learn to control my behaviour and emotions
  • Help me understand it is ok to get things wrong and have a go
  • Help me to ‘bounce back’ from difficult times
  • Help me to accept that I cannot do some things
  • Help me to understand that I cannot always have things I want



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