A warm welcome to visitors of our website from the pupils and staff at Mayfield!

Mayfield is a small school, with just 118 pupils from 2-19, but we pride ourselves on making a big impact on the lives of our children and their families. People often describe us as one big happy family. A recent visitor told us how much she loves coming to visit because, "coming into Mayfield feels like walking into a great big hug."

As a Communication and Interaction Specialist school we firmly believe that helping our pupils to communicate - to understand and be understood, and express our opinions and choices, is the foundation on which all other learning takes place.

We believe what makes us unique is the expert way in which we create a needs led provision matched to each pupil's key learning needs, in effect a 'one size fits one' model.

We allow our children to lead the learning at each key step of their journey, and our common principle throughout is to think about how we can help them achieve the maximum independence and meaningful skills for life beyond the classroom.

Staff plan, in meticulous detail at each step, what we want our pupils to achieve, building on their strengths and celebrating every bit of progress made. We can confidently say that every day our pupil's amaze us with what they can do.

We believe the key to our success lies in the fantastic knowledge, passion and commitment of the staff team. Nothing happens in isolation and everyone's contribution is valued. Our knowledge of each pupil’s needs and focus on developing learning shines through all we do.

This team approach extends to our families and other agencies, so we can agree on the most effective ways to support our pupils to reach their potential. In its truest sense we work using a team around the child approachA parent commented in a recent review "what you have done with my child to help her independence has literally transformed our lives" This is truly what we believe happens on a daily basis.

As the Headteacher at Mayfield I feel incredibly proud of what we achieve together. Our pupils are an inspiration to us all and enrich our lives daily. I don’t think I am biased about the fact that there is no other school quite like ours.

However don’t take my word for it - come and see for yourself.

If you would like to arrange a visit to school, or would like any information not included on this website, please contact school on 01257 263063.

We look forward to speaking to you or meeting you in school.

With very best wishes,

Rachel Kay



Mayfield School and College, Gloucester Road, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 3HN